Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Far Cliffs

It is so interesting how things change! It only makes sense, of course, that as I found ways to fly faster and higher and taught myself the essence of perfection, the cliffs also were growing, shrinking and changing. Yet, it came so unexpected. Sure, once in awhile I have gone back in time to watch the young Jonathan explore the Far Cliffs, but never have I truly ventured back to the Far Cliffs in my own time.

It was a pleasant surprise. The cliffs that were my first real home, and even to see a landscape grow and change is an excitement for me. I spent the day flying on the old wind currents. I soared higher and higher, seeing the familiar ground reach farther bellow me than I've ever seen before. It felt good, to feel the power of progress between my feathers.

I flew for hours, looking at the way the vegetation had grown larger in my absence and how the cliffs seemed to stretch taller. I flew into the night, letting moonlight shimmer against my bright wings. I imagined the Jonathan I had visited only a short time earlier, and it felt good to feel that in the same place where I had taught myself earthly limits I was now performing a higher perfection.

Finally, when these wings as strong as mine grew tired, I found rest in my old nesting tree. I settled down and rested through part of the day. Then I took off. I circled the range once more as my farewell and then I took off for the Flock.

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