Thursday, December 1, 2011


Flying is the most natural thing for me. Not all gulls can say that, I know, but for me there is nothing else in any world that feels as right as soaring higher and higher into the sky. After I was out casted from the Flock, I had unlimited time to find solace in the sky. My life was surrounded by testing the power of my wings and learning more and more control over my body. It became ordinary for me to sleep in flight, to wake in flight, to use my wings to dive into the water and soar for the sun. I bent my wings, making them smaller so I could conquer earthly speed. I mastered flying on Earth, and moved on to the next life for more learning. Every day of my life was surrounded by love of learning and of flying. A day has not gone by since I was a young chick that I have not tested my limits and taught myself more pleasures of flight. Learning and flying are the only things that truly make sense. Testing my limits and pressing closer to the sky is what I live for. I do it in my sleep, in my conscious hours, in my life and in my death. Nothing is as ordinary yet extraordinary as flying. This gift of flight is something I have dedicated my life to sharing to other gulls.

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