Sunday, December 18, 2011


There is something heartbreaking about goodbyes. In all my time in the world, I have yet to grow completely accustomed to farewells. I have moved on many times, from Flock to Flock or even from life to life. I have met friends, lost friends and left friends. Still, goodbyes have become no easier or less devastating.

I remember my first farewell was to my Flock when I was sent to the Far Cliffs. They did not hear me, for they blocked their ears with ignorance, but I called out to them. I cried as I flew away, a broken parting in my tears. My second farewell was to the world, when the two white gulls led me up to the second world. There I met more friends, some of whom passed on and others whom I left when I returned to my Flock.

I said goodbye to Fletcher and my other students once I felt I'd taught them enough. It hurt then, but I knew one day I'd return. This time, as I said my farewell to Fletcher, I knew I'd never see the bird again. His wings are old, and I know soon he will pass over to the next life like I once did. Unlike myself, I feel he will remain in the second world and feel his body break limits the atmosphere here will not even allow. Since I still have no desire to return, it seems I may never see my favorite student again.

I must remember that farewells are just another part of life. You can't avoid them, and no matter how much they hurt they are often necessary. Fletcher and I have separate missions now, and maybe one day the Great Gull will allow our paths to intersect again. What's most important is I keep going foreword and keep spreading knowledge of life greater than fighting for food.

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