Sunday, December 18, 2011

Finding Your Wings

A seagull is born with wings, but they do not always see them. A seagull often is clouded by what is around them, and they forget that they are born with great possibilities. They see the chaos around them and are asked to join in. So, they scrabble for food and this is all they've ever known. The wings which were placed on them to grant them heavenly flight becomes nothing more than a helpful tool to get to food. Seagulls forget that they can reach for the stars.

Yet, inside of them I believe every seagull knows that they are meant for more. I think from hatching to death, they can feel the power in their feathers. Not all acknowledge it. Some become to blinded with what they see about them. But some test their limits. Some find the courage to stretch out from what they've known and do what every seagull knows is right.

But it is the blinded gulls I send this message: You can still find your wings. Certainly it will not be easy. The world you know is one way. Changing that may seem impossible. Changing yourself may seem imposable. But you were born with two wings and a strong heart. You were born to fly passed your limits and seek the beauty on knowledge. You were given life and wings and you need nothing else but strength. I believe that you can find your strength, and I believe that every seagull can reach beyond themselves and find perfection.

I don't think there will ever be a time where every seagull can accept flying with ease. There will always be a few elders who curse at a change in the norm. But, I am also positive that there will be a group that know the truth without thinking, that have the courage to step up and take their lives into their own hands. I am sure that there will always be the strength to take to the sky and reach to perfection. It will not always be easy. But it will always be worth it.

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